Friday, February 17, 2012

To the moon

Two (maybe more) people I want to add to my list of people I'd banish TO THE MOON, Celestia-style:

1. The TCUL auditor who left a laptop with sensitive information where thieves could get it.
2. The thief or thieves who stole the laptop containing (apparently) heavily-protected (but still, on there) information about members of my credit union, including me.

Also, I'd kinda like to send TPTB at my credit union to the moon for at least a short sojourn, because this happened almost 2 months ago and I got the letter warning me of it today. (It's possible there was some law-enforcement reason that made them wait, but still, I'm annoyed.)

I have checked over my statements for the past couple months AGAIN (didn't see anything hinky when I wasn't looking for hinkiness, didn't see anything hinky this go-round).

I have called Equifax (a little hint: it seems their automated system is more user-friendly than Experian's. I tried Experian first and wound up almost sobbing "I want a PERSON, why can't I talk to a PERSON" into the phone). I put a 90 day fraud alert on my credit files and, thank goodness, Equifax will get in touch with the other two bureaus and have them do the same.

I also checked my credit files online (You can do this for free, once a year, through Don't use freecreditreport, the one that advertises with the goofy garage band - it's my understanding you give them a credit-card number and unless you opt out, you get enrolled in some program that charges you. Annualcreditreport is the one my credit union recommended and it was easy and didn't ask me for a credit card number). Everything there looks good. (And it's gratifying to see all those "never late" notations on my various credit accounts).

So I may have dodged any bullet.

I also have identity-theft protection (not like Lifelock, more like insurance to pay to cover the restoration after-the-fact) through my homeowner's insurance, so hopefully if anything goes really bad they can help me. (And I know an attorney - even though this isn't her area of expertise, if I had a problem, surely she could suggest an attorney who DOES have it as their area of expertise).

But, GAH. Not a nice thing to come home to, especially on a weekend when I get essentially a one-day weekend. (I'm involved up on campus most of tomorrow.)

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Ellen said...

What a pain for you (and the rest of the customers) - you'd think with all this "wipe from a distance" software for phones, they'd be able to make something for this computer.