Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Scenes from exam...

I gave the second exam in one of my classes today. Two highlights:

A. Mr. Roving Eyes and his alleged accomplice (the people who made my Angry Mom Voice come out last time) showed up a minute or two after I had distributed the exams (not really LATE, but not exactly on time). So I was able to HAND them their exams and ensure they got separate forms...not just forms with scrambled questions, but I had also scrambled the RESPONSES on the multi-choice questions. So if they tried to cheat, it would be a giant fail. I admit to being a bit of a vindictive old bird but I smiled to myself when I realized I had just circumvented any likelihood they could cheat and prosper from it.

B. A student, handing in their exam: "Gee, the exams are a lot harder when you skip class." Mmmm-hmmmmm. That's kind of the POINT.

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Bob & Phyllis said...

heh. For #2, that gets a Gibbs " Ya THINK??" from me...