Monday, February 13, 2012

Nto so sorry

Things for which I was feeling sorry for myself about this morning:

We got sleet, snow, freezing rain overnight. Not enough to close campus. But enough that I was slogging in in a cold rain this morning (cold rain seems somehow colder than snow to me)

It's 12 degrees Celsius in my office right now. I am not kidding you. That's about 54 degrees for you fans of Fahrenheit. They apparently turn off the heaters over the weekend and so we early-in people on Mondays freeze until about midday. (I wonder if this is cold enough to violate some kind of law). We're not supposed to have space heaters (and besides, my office is too cluttered to be safe with one), so I have no way of warming back up. I'm wearing my coat and hat and fingerless gloves in my office.

A person who was supposed to help me out with something knew WEEKS ago that they could not, and yet, they waited until the day before the thing to notify me they couldn't help. I am not given to blowing up at people, so I'm not sure why they waited. I'd extend the courtesy of letting another person know ASAP...

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day. I've been sent a gift (from parents), but apparently it got lost in the mail. And it's impossible to watch the local news without seeing all their free advertising for florists/restaurants/jewelry stores. I mean, they always do those stupid free-advertising stories, but around holidays it gets even worse. I'm trying very hard to resist the feelings of YOU HAVE NO "SPECIAL SOMEONE" THEREFORE SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU but it's always hard.

I'm sad that Whitney Houston died - especially sad thinking of her mom. But I'm kind of disgusted by the "disaster porn" some of the news and radio channels are running about it.

However, I have one big good piece of news:

I have been nominated for and Outstanding Teaching award in my college. (I probably won't win it - there are usually 50 nominees and 1 award). But at least I got nominated. (I do have to write a letter summarizing my teaching activity from January 2011 to now. I think I'll do that tomorrow: I have some time then).

I also finished something over the weekend, but got done with it too late to take pictures; those will come tomorrow or Wednesday.


Kim in Oregon said...

Congrats on the nomination! I add all my nominatinos to the cv even if I don't win (or shall I say, although I never win) (which is why I add noms).

Charlotte said...

Congratulations on your nomination! It's good that your hard work is recognized.

Lydia said...

Congratulations on the nomination! You put so much work into your classes.

Cold rain is definitely worse than snow. You can brush at least some of the snow off, but cold rain soaks in and chills you.

L.L. said...

I never liked that cold rain, we get it here sometimes and still makes me feel awful.

Maybe the package will turn up? A package came late for us at Christmas, but it still arrived.

And congrats on the nomination!